The Life of an Ordinary Guy II

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who, what, where, when ?
Who are you ?
My Name is Darren Lo ,i'm a chinese who doesn't look chinese :)
Where and When were you born ?
I was born in 24/09/1982 in Limbang but i'm raised up in Miri.
What is your current occupation ?
Currently working as a front desk reception at a hotel, and it's a damn stressful job where you get bombarded by people for no good reason.
What do you like to do when you are free ?
I love to chill out with my buddies, maybe have a cup of coffee or have a few games of pool and of course i love to go clubbing but not this month i'm on a tight budget. And making this site :P
What are your interest ?
I love to play pool and snooker, clubbing,cooking,the melbourne shuffle,trying out new food, music, i play the guitar and drums and a little bit of bass, and watching movies :)
What is your upcoming plans ?
make more money, maybe do a distance study thing or something else or maybe save money to go aussie for a vacation? or maybe an I-pod? or a ps3? or a new car? or eat and sleep for the rest of my life?
Are you in a relationship ?
I was 2 years ago haha, but now i'm not, i'm in no hurry, being single is nice. I don't have to do what people ask me to do.
When was the last time you did something illegal ?
been trying to cut down a lot! haha j/k the same old stuff i suppose like not wearing seat belts and stuffs
What do you like to eat and drink ?
I love western food. Mcdonalds, Noodles, chinese food and japanese food. My drinks will be coffee, beer, and something nice
What and who do you despise ?
I don't really despise people for no reason but i'll despise them if they irritate me and make me angry, and i despise those pesky motorbikes with the loud sound like somebody who has a super fart, and those ah bengs and ah lians with bad attitude if they have good attitudes i don't mind.