The Life of an Ordinary Guy II

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August 2004 Archives

Life is full of bullshit

Independence day (merdeka)
Yeah it's independence day for Malaysians, everyone's out to town to celebrate it their own and some are just homies who stayed home to watch some programs on tv. From most of my previous Merdeka celebration, usually i would just go to city fan park and hang out there. It's usually very dead there , they don't even bother to have some events there. So you guess it, all those so called bastards and devils showing off their stupid lame bikes(a 90cc honda boon siew bike ? give me a break!) and blasting their way with the fucking loud fart sound like exhaust. Honestly i felt like putting marbles on the roads and see them crash and burn and take a picture of them MUAHAHAHA!

Felix and band

So i chilled at Discovery watching felix's band performing a few numbers of unplugged, and later on we head on to chill at Al fresco before going clubbing, when it's 12 everyone starts popping the balloons and there's this waitress from Al fresco using the steak knife to pop the balloons(she looks like william hung with the teeth thingy hahaha) i bet all the waiters are having a hard time cleaning up the place LOL.

The balloons before they got popped

So we hit balcony later, and no fair!! ladies don't even need to pay the entrance fee *grr* makes me feel like i wanna become a gal LOL, the music was good and the atmosphere, i had so much drinks and i got drunk again! i threw up 3 times, fariz had to carry me down from balcony and to my house haha.

Me drunk! LOL

Closing ceremony of Athens 2004

Good bye people in Athens, Welcome to beijing in 2008

After 16 days  where all the athletics from around the world came to compete for peace, brotherhood and for the true meaning of sports. Yesterday was the closing ceremony, i missed part of ceremony but i managed to catch it just now in the afternoon. It wasn't really that grand as the Sydney 2000 oylmpics, but it was really nice to watch and touching too *sob*
Good bye to Athens and welcome to Beijing in 2008


Athens handing the flag to Beijing

Anyway, Tomorrow it's Merdeka for us! hurrah! but then it's really nothing much as for me, as  usual those hooligans will roam the streets tonight with their stupid fucking bikes, and those mutha fuckers are going to think that they are so cool which is so not! they sucked! they're only annoying people, and i pressume there's going to a lot people coming out to celebrate in clubs haha.
Anyway, Happy Mederka to all you Malaysians in M'sia and abroad.


Just another same ol'  same ol' day working as the refree today, Bryan is the man of the match haha, well he made this amazing jumpshot pocketing the ball into the sidepocket, i think he expect the ball to be potted anyway haha so lucky him.
Mui's back to playing diablo again! haha here we go again back to the games eh ? well not for me, i'm lazy to play games now not unless i have a console at home(i want a ps2!!!) hahah. Kinda blur now don't know what to write. anyway i'm trying to add some songs to this site, so wish me luck doing it :)

Tonight sucked big time, why you asked? well it goes like this i wanted to go clubbing since it's saturday night and i ask for ride from my friends, what was the answer ? not sure and see first, ok that is fine with me but it ended up i have no ride at all to go so i thought that i will be stuck at home doing nothing while beating meat out of me. Safri to the rescue haha he came and picked me and rining out to go chill at al fresco.
After a long long time of not stepping into coyote ugly, today i went in there since renee asked us to go. Supprisingly it was packed in there, as i walked in there with kandy boy to look for renee out of nowhere this orange head girl or whatever she is, she grab my hand, but i let go of her hand and giving the sign of "no thanks". I seriously have no idea what was on her mind, as usual the music there sucks and the atmosphere there sucks as well almost everything sucks for me tonight, but thank goodness that it wasn't fucked up. (lucky didn't go balcony, since i'm pretty broke haha)
And i came back early to update my site with a new article in the chronicles, do check it out, please and thank you :)  

Don't read this if you haven't watch AVP
At last! after a long long waiting for AVP, finally  i get to watch it at the cinema last night. Honestly i was kind of disappointed with it, there wasn't really much of action in it, i was hoping for more fighting scene between the bloody thirsty aliens and the super predators but still it was pretty good. (stupid humans, if it wasn't for you guys 2 of the predators won't have got their brains busted out by those mutha fuckas) I do recommend you guys to watch it, so go ahead and watch it even after i spoiled a little bit of it haha.
After the movie we decided to drop by discovery since felix and the gang had a gig there. *felix and the band from curtin live in discovery unplugged* haha Leon's band was there too. Well felix and ernesst had a great voice, good job guys. Hopefully discovery will hire them instead of those chinese dudes haha j/k.

Felix and the band live unplugged i discovery

Kandy boy was craving for some nasi lemak at cherrie berries and i was craving for some whore garden and some whore fun *oops* i mean hoegaarden beer hahaha. We drop by there and ordered mine with the chicken curry and kandy boy have his with the beef and my hoegaarden beer *mMMmm* It's seriously a damn nice beer to drink even though it's a little pricey but heck! it's something good and try something new for a change you Mirians! that's the prob with you guys, you guys aren't even willing to try something new. The beer was so good that i decided to have another round, and after having a damn refreshing good brewl it's time for a game of pool in CB.
I had a few games with the girls, fariz and some dude whom i don't know and a black dude. so we had a great time there. I tell you guy CB is still the place for R&B and hip hop and not to mention the band is pretty good too. So balcony ? you guys better stick back to feng tau shit (techno shit) don't try to play R&B and hip hop when yours sucked big time. And that last night was a night of well spent cash hehe.

Cherrie berries band

Today was the very first time i sat in slyvester's car, after being kept in the garage for a few months and the car is finally on the road again. Slyvester wanted to go shopping for some hip hop accessories or maybe he even wanted a bling bling haha, he just wanted a cap, a 3 quater pants and an army chain with those tags. The first place we drop by was M2, man that place is really empty like a ghost town. I mean there isn't really much shops around there and most of the shops there market their products for gals, we ain't going to buy that!
So we headed back to imperial mall, and we just walk around the mall for some window shopping and browsing around to look for slyvester's thingies. But sadly we can't find them all here in Miri, that is the bad thing about Miri. We can't get what really want but i saw a few nice t-shirts though(gonna buy em LOL) and i really have say this, all the sudden the brand Von Dutch has become very popular here in Miri, it's actually a popular brand in Singapore and now here, not bad and too  bad our von dutches in Miri are fakes.
As it was almost time for me to go to work, Syl dropped me home . As usual those little bastards are playing basket ball down my house, i was just about to put my key in the lock and out of no where a basket ball hit me on the left side of my shoulder and neck. The culprit ran over and kept saying sorry. stupid! it hurts you know ! I was telling him to shoot the ball properly next time.
I drove off to work thinking that i still have time to enjoy my dinner but all that has got to change, as i reached balcony already i found that i have forgotten my gloves and i have to speed all the back home just to get them*ggrrrrr*  I came back again and i was glad to find myself a good parking spot, i told the manager i'm going to eat for a while. I sat at base camp and thinking of having a nice plate of fried noodles, and guess what ? the waitress said "hari ini tidak ada goreng punya" i was like what the ?? only western food available. I don't even have that much money for a chicken chop and i went over to sultana(Kandy boy's dad owns it). I sat there for a few minutes without anyone coming to take my order, i found out that there are only 2 people doing the service. I'm not a fussy person but i really was in a hurry and i need to have food pronto! I'm not being fussy ok, so i had a kueh teow and a coke. The kueh teow was nice and a large portion for a very good price hehe(i bet if kandy boy reads this his nose will probaly grow a few inches higher haha)the food there was good, so next time"i eat there loh" and i met uncle Mutang there(kandy boy's dad), i think he was busy with his thingies hehe. I didn't managed to finish my food  because the first thing that comes across my mind is "IM LAAAAAATEEEEEEEEEE I'M LATEEEEEEEEE"  by my supprise when i went up there i was actually on time haha!
And the match goes started, everything was the same and Mr thomas won "hurrah" congrats dude. And syl was there with iresha(sorry if i get the name wrong) got my pay and some booze lol. and later on we decided to have some food at sunrise restaurant but it was close so we to perwira and we met ah boy and kang wei there. And of all the sudden i was feeling very very dizzy, i felt like throwing up, and i was blacked out, my friend thought i drank a lot. I told her that i usually i drink more that and i'm sober, and today ??? what happen man ?? shit i really felt like shit just now, i wanted to throw up already but it didn't came out.  I couldn't even drive myself home and i need her to drive me back.

This is just an expression of how i felt earlier

We went and meet one our friend, Lee who just came back Russia. I first met Lee from Eric(they call him teck teck). He's really nice fellow :). He shared to us about his life in Russia and Russia is really a fucked up country. He told us the cops will just bust you up without any reason, the people are really racist. He end up in jail for no reason, how can that be ? well he's doing Medicine because it's really cheap so that's why. Not to mention his perverted room mate LOL
It was really nice of him to bring us back some gifts from Russia, Russian made vodka, Russian sweets, and some souveniers. you can see the pics below, we just hang around a city fan park talking our usual things. All the suddenly a police patrol car pass over, with the beer and the bottle of vodka there and one of us who is still underage ?? not a good thing!!! so we just get our asses out of there and headed home LOL(well sylvester needs to go home anyway haha)

A genuine russian made vodka

Tigers with the vodka and sylvester's levi's LOL

gifts from russia, except the koala bear which is from Australia Haha

Russian sweets

Another collection of my key chain from overseas

Guess who is back ?
My it's been a while i have heard kandy boy getting a summon by the parking attendants and it happen to be today HAHAHAHA, it sure has been a while my friend. Seriously last time kandy boy was the king of summons, he always get summons like nobody's business by the traffic police and the MMC parking attendants. So i guess that one expensive parking, just to eat something cheap and it return you get an extremely exensive parking LOL. Well he parked at the yellow lines and he wasn't the only who got a summon though.
Later we decided to go curtin for a while, Kandy boy needs to do his assignments there. I was in the lab using their pc, and i'm so use to have a good connection here at home. The Lab's connection was a like snail, not only that, i can't even open my site to update it(stupid!) and in the end i just forget it and came back and update my site.
I met jo-ann there, i was supprise to see that the carrot top has disappear and it's black head already haha. It's because she needs a job so she dyed it back, otherwise she'll still be a carrot top LOL. It took me a while to persuade her to watch AVP with us(man that's was tough) and later on i just hang out at the canteen with dian, ing hui, renee and KC a new guy from Johor. There's this bunch of students touring the campus and they are from sedaya(not sure where is that) and the lecturer was pointing at us saying we are real students and not acting. Funny i'm not even a student there, i was just a "kelefe"(like a lamp post) there haha or maybe it's because i was wearing renee's student ID, Oh my gosh it's 04:45am ?? ok ok i think it's time i go offline. Can't wait for AVP Woohoo~!

kandy boy's first summon of the few months LOL

A very crazy night
I was feeling a bit sleepy during the refreeing just now earlier, and made a few mistakes. Thanks to the stupid player who didn't nominate the pocket for the 8ball(dumbass!) you players should know better that you are the one to nominate it.(idiots) Just funny when they tried to pocket a ball in the right corner pocket but the ball just wouldn't go in, and that made one of the participant said"that cibai hole" and another dude was like saying that he should lick it haha. All those was pretty funny, as the match ended, i waited for my pay. But the manager said"i'll pay you on thursday" darn it, my pay has been delayed. honestly i'm a little disappointed about it, what yang has told me that they will pay me straight away after the match and the amount of pay and they never keep their word, so i'm disappointed. I'm doing only because i need the money quite badly otherwise i don't give a fuck about it.
After work i decided to have something eat and i don't want to eat alone, so i called up sylvester and asked him does he want to go have supper with me and we brought eric along too. So we went to sunrise seafood to eat, the two wanted to have kwang tong mee but they ran out of that so me and slyvester had wa tan hor(kueh teow cantonese) and eric had lao su fan. Had a good meal and we started to think what is the next plan.
We sat and talk a little crap, as i was saying that next time when i got stable job i want to buy a hyundai atos and suddenly syl was telling me about the new car called pichanto(i think that's how i spelled it ahah) from kia. And we decided to drive pass the showroom to have a look at it, we drove there but there wasn't any sign of the car except that we saw the car in a banner hanging above the show room. After that we decideto drive around and pay our friends a little visit(pondans selling their ass on the street) we drove pass them, one of them wave*uweeek* they seriously make me sick, the worst thing is we just had our supper and we decided best we leave them alone for to mind their own business and hoping that they will get a customer to screw their asshole LOL.
We drove around like people who never see Miri town before, We saw a bunch dogs running around and we were thinking that the dogs might... you know ? have some fun haha.. but they didn't so we move on. we drop a visit to RTM station and decided to follow a couple on a bike(becoming a stalker for a day LOL) nahh we ain't that bad, we just leave them to what ever they are up to. We wanted to drop by rihga royal hotel but they're having a construction there so we just head off to a bus stop near by and you guess it, we did something crazy there. We took pictures and talk lots of crap (check out the pic below)

is there any bus at this hour ?

crazy dudes

another crazy dudes

In love with a palm tree

can't get enough of the palm tree

Danger gas sign

thumbs up for the sign

watcha kids doing here ???

After all the little fun we had, we decided to take another photo with the both of them inside the drain. Just when we were about to do that, a police patrol car came and stop infront of us. *oh shit* we were scared that they might purposely bust us for some lame old reason of doping or maybe trying to get bribe from us. Thank goodness sylvester gave the cops a reason that we were taking pictures with my camera phone and i even showed it to him to proof that we are taking photos. The cops asked us to leave that place and so we did.*pheeew*  that was a close one, sylvester even said that we should have taken a picture of the patrol car LOL that was totally insane.

Eric didn't want to have more of those whacky things we did LOL, so we drop him home and we saw a bunch of dogs fighting out there and wanting to grab a picture of it but we couldn't(so forget it) later on we drove to the old road(just next to the road we are currently using to miri park). Me and syl was hoping to spot some love birds but there wasn't any of them so instead we took some nice pictures from there, since it was a nice view.  Sylvester did a little commercial there LOL

Buy a samsung and you will get a free cap like mine!

A nice view of the Miri Park

As you all know the 2004 Olympics is  happening at the moment, and let's just say the athens 2004 olympics fever has infected me and sylvesyter so we decided to have a little olympic of our own

Hurrah! i got meself a gold medal(NOT!)

look how shiny his medal is LOL

After all the crazy things we did, it's time we call it a day since it's already 2:30 in the morning but we couldn't get enough of it, we took a picture in the forbiden grounds LOL

What's with the sign ?

What does it say ?

Art work of AVP

Alien VS Predator , who  ever wins, we all lose. Awesome mate~! i've been waiting for a while for this movie to premier, and it's two more days to go. But i'm not going to watch it on the premier night, since i might be working on that night, so probaly on friday.
Alien: brutal, huge, powerful, tough,
Predator: powerful, small, armed with advance technology and weapons(self destruct),intelligent
The verdict: just watch the movie to find out haha

Calling the tooth fairy
Finally this is the day that i have been waiting for, the day i am having my wisdom tooth remove. I hate to say this but i was a little nervous just now before going to the dentist, i was wondering is my wisdom is going to be difficult to pull ? does it require a sugery to remove ? Trying Ignore all that and just go for it.
I called mom earlier to ask about the money that she was supposed to give me for the appointment and she said that isn't dad at home ? i said"" she told me to wait for him to come back and pass me the money and start babbling that i should earlier and all that bla bla la... and after that dad called, he asked what time am i going ? i told him i am going around 3:30pm(my actual appoinment time was 4:30pm) and my dad said that if he didn't come home by 3:30pm, i should go there 1st. 
Took my shower and get dress and off i go walking under the scorching heat, thank God that the clinic is very near my house otherwise i think i would stay home and wait for my dad to come and pick me up ahah(such a  spoil brat :P)

The head light thingy

There i was the clinic and i was kinda suprise that there really wasn't any people there except the patients who are already in there. So i was sitting there reading the newspaper and trying calm myself down at the same time i heard this kid crying in there with the parents trying to calm him but the kid kept on crying. I was like "ok is it that painful?" but heck! i ain't a baby anymore! my name was called so i enter the room and take my sit at the chair, i was looking around to see where is DR Bob. The nurse came in and put the injection thingy and other equipments, i saw the size of that thing and the first thing that comes to my mind is "PAIN!!!" DR Bob came in and asked "which tooth was it again ? " hahaha he can't remember, DR Bob you gotta chill sometimes LOL. Anyway as he check my tooth again and he gave me some injections, and it was not  really that painful at all and he leave me for the injection to effect. I can feel the numbness around my right cheek, so that's a relief but after i saw the pliers the nurse place there. I  was really hoping that everything will go smoothly and not much pain was to be involve.
DR Bob came back again and this time it's ready for action, The head lights are turn on, Pliers in the DR's hand and in it go in my mouth, grabbing the pain giving wisdom tooth. The Nurse was holding my head, just  incase the tooth is so hard to pull that my head will barged haha. As the pliers twist, i heard the sound going on inside, and Off it goes. Hey that wasn't that bad, it wasn't like what ther others said hahahaha. A job well done by the dentist, Rining's uncle is that man! and yeah plenty of blood oozing out of my gum. I took a look at my tooth and the nurse asked me do i want it, i told her i want it and she gave it to me in this tiny little plastic bag. I went out of the door and my dad was there waiting and he settled the bills for me *hiak hiak*
Glad that's over.
And people please do not listen to what other babble, because sometimes they just simply say things without going through it, i 'm saying this because i'm gone through it , so no fears, the dentist is really your friend :)

the equipments

ok miss tooth fairy you can come by anytime now, i've clean my tooth already and it's ready to be collect LOL. When i look my wisdom tooth, i can still see the blood and some tissues sticking there haha pretty cool huh? check out the pic below

My wisdom tooth


Whoozy day
Today i'm feeling kind whoozy and blur, i guess this is because i ate the antibiotics given by Dr bob. The antibiotics really had a hit on me, not only i was feeling whoozy but i can't really think and react fast enough just now at work. MmmMM the har min(prawn noodles)for our supper  was really nice, too bad i didn't have much of it and that's why i headed of to the sunrise seafood to have some more food, have mercy on my stomach if you don't have mercy for me.
Another 18hrs before i go to the dentist to have my wisdom tooth remove, as i told my friends about it, they were like saying all sort of things like" expensive ohhh" "they might do sugery bla bla bla yeah yeah yeah i know! money is not a problem for this kind of thing and i know it's going to hurt :P so i am going to have that pain giver tooth remove. Just stop this pain from going on. besides, that tooth serves no purpose besides bugging you and giving you pain haha.
Oh miss tooth fairy ~ you might wanna drop by my room tomorrow evening to collect my tooth, if you happen to drop by please let me know how much is my tooth going to be ok ? hehe
Not to mention i'm working tomorrow night, so hopefully i am able to work tomorrow night :)

The tooth fairy~

It's 21:17 after having a drumstick for my dinner, as i went to the dentist today to have my wisdom tooth checked. The results was " I HAVE TO ENDURE THE WORST AGONY EVER!!!" haha just kidding. The dentist told me that my wisdom tooth didn't came out properly and it's like stuck to the gum, that was the cause of my pain in my upper jaw and it gave me a hard time eating. I'm going to bid my wisdom tooth farewell, not to mention that i am thinking is my tooth going to be a tough one ? if it is, the dentist is going to have hard time pulling my tooth and he might even have to do a little sugery if the tooth is seriously hard to pull *shocked*. I just need to endure the pain, and after all that maybe the tooth fairy will pay a visit to me LOL.  I'm on my medication today and i won't be able to consume alcohol for two days.
It's saturday night people! yeah i know it's party time but heck i ain't going out tonight since i'm bloody broke after spending all my cash for a fucked up friday night. Eric will be going tonight, well hopefully he'll be having a great time and maybe he'll meet those chicks again LOL. Cheers!

my antibiotics in red, and pain killers in sky blue and yellow

Another day at dynasty chinese restaurant when it's T.G.I.F, but it's kind of dead tonight. Isn't it suppose to a friday night where everyone comes out and have a great night ? everyone has join the hermit union ? haha. Well tonight we didn't really have a  lot of customers, it's a pretty easy night at dynasty chinese restaurant. Got my pay and it's party time, but fuck it man! my night has been ruined and now i'm understand how eric felt on ladies night.
We went to grand palace hotel where kang wei is meeting his friends there, it was a  little embarassing to go in. Eric dragged me out there for some ciggies, and after a few snaps of picture we went to balcony and order a jug of illusions and had three baskets of popcorn, as we are waiting for the moment of party.
 I thought that is was going to be a good night and a well spend cash for tonight but fuck it! My money was all drained out and i didn't even enjoy it at all, they didn't play any dance music tonight. All the music tonight they played was full of bullshit, at least play something updated and nice instead of those granny R&B . I don't really mind R&B actually but the R&B they played really sucked big time! I hate to say that but most of my friends agrees with me. Even the techno played in was way better than the music in balcony just now, from now on i am not going to ladies night and friday night. It's just a waste of money only.

At least there was something that made me satisfied, that is Hoegaarden beer. The fantastic beer josh has been talking about, the way he said it was like as if the beer is so nice and it's a value of money and satisfaction ? Josh is the man! I really must thank josh for introducing me to this fantastic beer.

It's very smoothing to the throat, the taste is there. It's really really refreshing and the taste is really awesome, you guys really must try hoegaarden when you get the chance, trust me! you won't regret it .  No wonder it's the top choice of beer in Australia and they should have sell this in Miri when they know about it man.


The pool finals for the third week has just ended Ah wei the bbq meat seller has won! "hurrah for ah wei" he's a nice fellow and surely deserved the win. Not to mention ah hong the opponent was good too and the fourth week the competition with begin again, i think all the weekly champions will meet up and go for the grand champion title. That's what i think, yeah i "kenak kutuk" again just now. Other people can concentrate on the game while his friend can't with those ah bengs were making so much noise there *sigh* i know i know you are supporting your friend there and i wasn't doing a good job because i didn't ask them to shut up ? what am i ? a father ? alright so next time i'll just ask them to shut the fuck up and by the way, you friend lost again anyway so who gives a fuck LOL.
Tonight there were a few amazing shots done by the players, one of the players name leslie. He did a swirl shot potting the ball in the corner, very well played but too bad he didn't make it. The second amazing shot was by ah hong, everyone thought that he couldn't pot the 8 ball to the right corner pocker and he just sliced the 8 ball hard enought to pocket it into the left corner pocket, indeed that should be call shot of the match.
I'm facing little bit of problems again, bryan told me that they have to reduce my pay from RM40 to RM30 because johnson(the manager) said that the waiters there are only paid RM20 plus only and it's not really fair for them *sob*. So i decided that i should just take it, since the pay is still better than the dynasty restaurant. Maybe they thought that i wasn't doing a good job or something ? oh well God knows what are they up to.
This means that i really really need to budget my spending to save it up for my vaccation to KL, The tickets for 2 ways will be around RM200+ ? *sigh* it's still a long way so just have to see how does things go.
Those ah bengs are really irritating, i really really don't like their attitude. What can i do about it ? they're just everywhere like a swarm of maggots creeping around stinky corpse and metamorphing into stupid dirty flies haha.
I wasn't only right about my theory to define an ah beng, i was totally right! well here's what you need to know to tell that person is an ah beng/ah lian or typical mirian.
1)They always drive a honda car, no matter what model or year. Always a honda(come on lahh there are plenty of other cars which is better than that)
2)They tend to think that their fashion sense is the coolest and that is SOO NOT COOL, *UwEEEK*My gosh, they fashion taste is so bad that my cousin who couldn't even dress properly can dress better them. Get a life man.
3)They always bring their ah lians with them around, thinking that it's cool to have a gal with them, THAT IS SOOOO UNCOOL!!! i think that they are trying too hard to impress people and that doesn't even impress me at all.
4)They are very rude, uneducated and act very inmaturely, GROW UP!!!!  FOR PETE"S SAKE!!!

Ok it's time for a make over for my beloved site :P, i just thought of changing the layouts and the color of the site, yeah i had to agree that it was reallly dark, so my site has her new look now. So hope have a look around, thanks for dropping by and have a good time :)

Damn such a wasted night it is, I thought everybody is going to have good time at ladies but no~. What happen ?? why didn't the DJ play the dance music ? instead he played all those crappy songs and that is really lame. Eric is fucking pissed, he's so pissed and angry about it. I really hate to say this but it really ruined our night out, we all thought that it's gonna be a great night and My goodness! Even though we had quite a number of drinks but it's really not worth the night. Ladies night has been fucked up hard!
Later on i need to buy the wrist band and a b'day prezzie for J, "eheh something for her mah" and probaly need to deposit some of the cash in my account. I just hope i will be able to save the amount of money i need, so that i shall be able to go for my vacation haha.
Here's a funny thing, just now there' was a baldie who had an ice cube on his head, and that's really bizarre. Too bad i couldn't take a picture of him, if not i can show it to you guys hehe. There was this mentally retarded lady around us just now and she was asking for 50 cents to buy a fried egg, so i just give it to her. As long as she don't bother us that will be fine and i know how does it feel to be really broke so i gave her the 50 cents, not everyone can sit done and have a meal like me and my friends do. Have sympathy and empathy for others my friends :)

heading home from parkson

It's 3:11am  and i'm still wide awake building this site, yet another good day of work and good pay haha. earlier around evening i went to Mcdonalds to have my brunch, yes almost everyday i eat brunch due to my odd sleeping hours. I've got to change that, it's killing me slowly and it's destroying my looks(not saying that i'm a handsome dude or wat) by giving me eye bags *arggh* must sleep earlier and get rid of the panda eyes. Before that i had trouble thinking of what to eat, at first i thought about eating noodles then i asked my sis. She suggest me to eat udon(japanese noodles) i was like"you crazy ahh!? soo expensive" then she suggested Mcd, so why not ? i haven't had Mcdonald's for a while. Off i go to purchase my lovely meal with a smile, sat there chewing my burger all alone *sniff* sad isn't it ? eating alone, that's not what i want. had a great meal and i'm off to go parkson to browse around since i haven't been in there for a while. I saw this really nice belt by bonia and it cost RM159 *shocked* that's so damn expensive(but it's sooo nice) well too bad i can't afford, i don't even have the sufficient amount of money to spend for myself what more to say buying a belt that cost half of my allowance ?? that's gotta be crazy.
My mom called and start babbling "where are you hah ?? what time you going to work hah ?? faster go " bla bla bla yeah yeah i know,  i was on my home after i took  a puff.

On my way to work(refreeing the pool competiton)

There i go driving my way to balcony for the pool competition, as i reach the pelita area to look for a good parking spot. I headed up there to make sure i'm early and i'm early indeed hehe. Funny, the manager didn't see me there and he thought that i wasn't coming, so bryan called me to ask my location and i told i was in balcony already. I was sitting all the while and the manager didn't know about it haha, And there it goes again the stupid cunt who can't stop complaing, whining, and dissing other people, I'm really despise him. Dissing people having a cue and all that, just because he doesn't have one. And guess what ? he lost again HAHAHAHAHAHA serve him right for the 2nd time, what's the point of being good at a sport when you don't even have the good sportmanship. After the match i had a great meal with eric(check out the food ahoy) and i made some reviews about it hehe.

Another tiring day after refreeing the 8 ball competition at the balcony, not to mention the free booze i get after the matches haha. I didn't expect to have so many matches today, and i was nearly late because my dad wanted to use the car to bring his old pal for dinner. Standing there without walking around really makes ur leg sore compare when walking around it doesn't really hurt that much, not to mention u have to bend down and to take the balls and rack em up. Well all this for the good pay and experience haha.
Bal and calvin was there to join the competition, Calvin can play quite well just that he should take more time before taking a shot and control the amount of force used when cueing. I was really disappointed with the typical mirian's attitude, dissing other ppl(other race) come on man! just because he has his fancy cue doesn't mean you should dissed him and that stupid fellow who said that i was standing doing nothing when the player is about to pot the 8ball well MR i know everything as a player you should know that you are the one to tell the ref which pocket you are nominating not me asking you!!(as if i'm taking an order:P) stupid cunt! well you lost anyway HAHAHAHAHa! Good for bal he won the round, so all the best mate for tomorrow night's match.
Jenny(my captain)called today to asked for work for tomorrow, friday and sunday. I told her i can't make it tomorrow since tomorrow the match is going on(and only one person from dynasty knows about it haha). And how can she forget to write down my name for the pay *haiiiya* well it's ok i'll be collecting it anyway :).


Damn those people who simply go spread the word about police coming to raid the club and sending almost everyone to a wild goose chase, this always happen when one person say that the police is coming and *pooF* the whole club will be empty. Just because earlier the police was on the patrol to summon cars parking illegally(can't blame em when there's really no parking around) and some stupid girls had a cat fight.
I already told olga is nothing, but they wouldn't listen, grouping downstairs is making things worst, the cops will have thoughts that we have something up on our sleeves.
So my captain has forgot to submit my name for the pay(for my partime) *grrrr* and thank goodness i got the job as the pool refree. Anyway just now i was like working in a sauna room, the air condition broke down and everyone was sweating like a pig. But after while the maintenance managed to get it fix, thank God for that otherwise everyone will be wet haha.


Darn it ! i didn't even get to sleep yesterday and i only managed to get an hour of sleep and now i still feel fucked and tired but satisfied. Why ? well it's because i got the job for the refree haha, and just had my first day of refreeing yesterday. It was alright just that the people get me confuse with me the ball settings, they are using their own settings and i'm using the standard settings so it got me confuse. Since it's their game so i just do what i'm told.


So you must wondering how a person looks like if they do not have enough sleep, well just look at the krusty the klown's picture that was how i look like yesterday, since i had to get up early and go curtin with rining to meet yang and talked about the pool thingy, And it rained.
So later on rin decided to put the muffler he bought from sung's friend(i dunno how to spell his name), he brought us to this shop near krokop there call william motor. And changing a muffler for RM65 is pretty cheap, as usual i took some picture to add it here. The mechanic said if they change a part near the exhaust there it will boost the power and reduce the black smoke, but it cost RM330 and i can see rin is pretty interested about it haha. check out the pics below

The car elevated to start the process

removing the old exhaust

The new muffler, ready for attachment

Attachment complete, and adding a few touch ups

There u have it, (but it's not loud at all haha)

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